14th German Sustainability Award

More sustainability.

The German Sustainability Award honors groundbreaking contributions to the transformation toward a sustainable future. It aims to motivate all key players to change, to network them across borders and to stimulate partnerships. The award shows the best examples of how ecological and social progress can be achieved more quickly.


Europe's leading award for ecological and social engagement.

The German Sustainability Award will be awarded for the 14th time in 2021.

With eight competitions, more than 1,000 applicants and 2,000 guests at the award's gala, the German Sustainability Award is the most comprehensive of its kind in Europe. From 2020, the awards will be even more strongly oriented towards the goals of the Agenda 2030 and its key areas of transformation such as climate, biodiversity, resources, supply chain and society.


The GSA is awarded on German Sustainability Day, which has evolved into the leading international convention on sustainability since 2008. The event, with more than 150 speakers, connects relevant stakeholders, allowing them to exchange and benefit from each other's experiences. Throughout the year, all GSA activities are comprehensively aligned with the principles of sustainability. The GSA is a climate-neutral project.


14th annual GSA.

Since 2008, thousands of companies, municipalities and research institutions have applied for the award. Companies in particular use German Sustainability Day as the most frequently visited platform on topics of sustainable transformation in Germany. The awards ceremonies are social events that have an impact far beyond the sustainability scene.

A future worth fighting for.

As an independent platform for all stakeholders who are committed to a sustainable world, the German Sustainability Award is committed to the following goals:

Accelerating transformation

The prize aims to promote a holistic transformation to more sustainable ways of living and working. To this end, it encourages the relevant stakeholders, inspires ambition and motivates. At the same time, it aims to anchor the principles of sustainable action more firmly in the public mind.


Involving Stakeholders

The DNP integrates the most diverse positions and opinions in all its activities. The foundation sees itself as an independent body, which is not bound by any particular interests and continuously seeks to be in dialogue with all stakeholder groups.

Promoting cooperation

Bringing together the relevant stakeholders to promote forward-looking partnerships is an important goal of the award. No one can achieve transformation alone. What counts is open dialogue and a shared appreciation for best practices.

Orienting consumers

DNP labels make purchasing decisions easier and more navigable for consumers. It brings sustainable alternatives the attention they deserve--and the attention they need for continued success. The award honors pioneers and awards the best and brightest.

Supporting start-ups

The Next Economy Award is intended to help start-ups who want to turn their vision of a more sustainable future into reality using new business models. It focuses on sustainable innovations "made in Germany" and gives start-ups a vital boost.

Manufacturing sustainably

The DNP itself can be measured against strict sustainability standards, and all measures are constantly under scrutiny. The avoidance of environmental pollution always takes precedence over compensation; the congress and awards ceremony are climate-neutral.

Evolving formats

All platforms are continuously updated in terms of design and content, and the conference is continually enhanced through new forms of dialogue and participation. Every year the award ceremony undergoes changes that combine cutting-edge insights, aspirations and effectiveness.

Bundling expert knowledge

To keep pace with these rapid developments, the initiators have set the DNP up from the outset as a learning project, continuously reviewing its competition methodology and incorporating expert knowledge and the latest findings across all formats.

All stakeholders in one project.

The multi-stakeholder project DNP brings together all the key players from politics, business, research and civil society. The diversity of institutional partners with different perspectives is reflected in the foundation's board of trustees, but also in the methodology team, the jury and the circle of speakers at the events.


Celebrity Multipliers.

Important multipliers for the idea of sustainable development are among the guests and in the juries year after year. Federal Ministers, representatives of state politics and other prominent speakers present the awards.

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